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Lars Hilles gate

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About Media City Bergen

Media City Bergen is a powerhouse of innovation and a global knowledge hub within media and media technology. The Norwegian Media Cluster, with many of its 100+ members, is headquartered here and works to foster national and international innovation, research, and business development for and with our members and partners. Our Media Lab, with the Bergen Media Platform, is a sandbox for learning, development, events and activities that bring the world's expertise and technology into one arena. Media City Bergen cluster companies collaborate internationally and are always looking for more partners and members to join!
Product Categories (5)
  • Acquisition & Production > Camera Accessories > camera robotics
  • Playout > Delivery > internet distribution
  • Post Production > Content Creation > on-air graphics/logo generators
  • Services > Systems Integration > studio and production
  • System Automation & Control > News Automation > newsroom content automation systems