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69 Ilia Odishelidze Str
Tbilisi 0160

P: +995 32 2 240 250

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About Qarva

Qarva creates IPTV/OTT TV service solutions, that ensures subscribers with high quality HD/4K content streamed seamlessly to IP enabled devices. Qarva IPTV end-to-end solutions include: FastSwitch - Channel Change time 0.2 Seconds/Packet Loss Recovery Technology; aQua Video Server – Catch-Up TV; and Support of UltraHD 4K. Our OTT end-to-end solutions include: OTT MultiPipe - No Latency Internet Streaming technology; Multiscreen - TV on any device; and Support of UltraHD 4K. Qarva Teleport: Deliver High-Quality TV Signals Reliably with No Latency, with MultiPipe technology, Full Support of UltraHD 4K. Qarva PIX: Slide rewinding, with film strip visualization. Come and see us at IBC2018 stand 14.F10.
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